We’re here to
shake things up

We’re On the Money, a bunch of people dedicated to automating money management so that making the right financial choices is simpler, easier and — well— just plain better, really.

The smartest way to manage money

The finance industry has changed a lot in the last decade.
The tech it uses? Not so much.

So we set about developing cool tools that completely automate money management and make financial decisions easier than ever before.

Robot showing how automated intermediary platforms work
Robot showing how automated intermediary platforms work
To do that, we’ve
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Built an AI Driven Platform

Built a platform that uses AI to let brokers and lenders simplify their CX and find the best products for their customers
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Created An Easy Workflow

Developed an easy-to-use platform that lets customers take full control of every aspect of their money and finances.

We’ve put the time in

5 years of intense development.

We spent 5 years developing Signature before launch.

2 years of live testing

We also live-tested for 2 years before launch, making sure it worked flawlessly.

130+ on Team OnTheMoney

We’ve got a team of 130+ focused on growing our platform.

50+ full-time developers

We’ve got 50+ devs (and growing) constantly improving and upgrading our tech.

180+ lenders & product providers

We’ve used Signature to handle instant decisions for 180+ lenders and product providers across multiple verticals.

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Founder –
On the money

The idea behind On the money has always been simple: to build a single platform that automates, accelerates and simplifies every aspect of money management.”

Boundary-pushers. Out-of-the-box thinkers. Status quo challengers.

To build a platform that shakes up an entire industry, you can’t be afraid of ripping up the rule book every now and again.

At On the Money, we’ve assembled our very own A-Team of developers, advisors and designers to ignore the way things have always been done and build a way that’s better for everyone.