in one place.

No more sending documents through a clunky encryption service, asking your customers to dig through their emails to find documents or spending hours on tedious back-and-forths.
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Get applications done quicker with the On the Money app

Step 1:

Let your customers complete their own fact find (coming October 2020)

Let clients handle the bulk of their fact finds — including all income and affordability questions — right from the app, getting things close to the finish line before you’ve even lifted a finger.

Step 2:

Get everything signed and agreed in-app
Give your customers the option to upload proof of income, read all documentation and sign agreements (coming soon), all without leaving the app. They’ll be able to keep everything in one place too, so they’ll never have to search for anything.

Step 3:

Send the application with a single click

Once the dotted lines have all been signed, Signature will automatically package the application and get it ready to send straight to the lender.

No rekeying. No logging into portals. Just click send and it’s done.

Ready to take back 25 hours of your week?

Less time on tasks you hate. More time on the things that really make a difference.
No credit card. No contract. No limits.

Step 1

Handle quick conversations in the app

Got a quick question you need to ask your client about their application? Send them an instant message through the app and they’ll get a notification that they need to reply.

Step 2

Get documents uploaded quickly and painlessly

Forget about getting your clients to scan, email or post over their documents and let them snap a quick photo of their documents and upload it from within the app instead.

Step 3

Let your customers see what’s happening, every step of the way

Let your clients see exactly what stage their application is at — as well as whether they need to provide more information or send over more documents — all at a glance, and without any input from you.

Step 4

Give indicative quotes on autopilot

No more wasting hours giving indicative quotes. Instead, let your customers get a rough idea of the offers they might qualify for by using Signature’s super-smart AI in the app.

And when they’re ready to apply, they can just hit a button to give you a call or drop you a message and we’ll send all the details through to your Signature dashboard.

Step 5

Give personalised credit score advice

Let your customers view and check their credit report to check for any inaccuracies or mistakes that might affect their eligibility or credit score.

We’ll take an average of two credit reference agencies — Transunion and Equifax — to give them a more complete idea of their money health.

Step 6

Stay on top of everything, every step of the way

Best of all, Signature will keep a full record of everything that happens in the app and automatically add it to your client’s application, saving you hours of admin and compliance headaches.

And forget about checking in on applications constantly. Signature will send you notifications if and when the application needs your attention, letting you get on everything else on your to-do list.

Step 7

Ready to take back 25 hours of your week?

Less time on tasks you hate. More time on the things that really make a difference.